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Some Benefits of Exercise Stem from Immune System

TEHRAN (ANA)- Research by Harvard Medical School in mice shows that the anti-inflammatory properties of exercise may arise from immune cells mobilized to counter exercise-induced inflammation.

Eight Thousands Steps Per Day to Reduce Risk of Premature Death

TEHRAN (ANA)- An international study led by the University of Granada has identified for the first time the optimal number of steps at which most people obtain the greatest benefits, and also shows that the pace at which you walk provides additional benefits.

Mastering Your Body's Internal Clock Could Be Key to Success

TEHRAN (ANA)- For those who are true early birds or night owls, tackling the toughest mental tasks at times that align with their personal circadian peaks could improve their outcomes, says Cindi May, professor of psychology at the college of Charleston.

Scientists Reveal Simple Hack to Make Your Life Feel More Meaningful

TEHRAN (ANA)- If you're keen to live a more meaningful existence, consider framing your life as a hero's journey, says a team of scientists who conducted eight studies that "point to a profound connection between the lives we live and the stories we tell".

How Vitamins Have Shaped Human Biology, Evolution

TEHRAN (ANA)- Vitamins play a much broader role than just promoting health, shaping and maintaining our unique biology over evolutionary timescales, scientists at the University of Newcastle say.

Common Drug Improves Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

TEHRAN (ANA)- Research from the ATLANTIS trial indicates that the common drug amitriptyline can significantly alleviate irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms, offering a new treatment avenue for patients.

Researchers in Iran Locally Design, Develop New Model of Ventilators

TEHRAN (ANA)- Researchers of the mechanical engineering department of Tehran-based Tarbiat Modares University (TMU) succeeded in designing and manufacturing a new model of ventilators in which a pneumatic system is used for automatic controlled expansion and compression of Ambu bag.
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