Iran to Present Effervescent Herbal Teas to Market
15:49 - January 08, 2023

Iran to Present Effervescent Herbal Teas to Market

TEHRAN (ANA)- A group of Iranian researchers at a technological company stationed at the Science and Technology Park of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad achieved the formulation of effervescent medicinal plant products.
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“Our research focuses on the production of herbal medicinal products and we have formulated herbal medicinal products in the form of effervescent granules,” said Fatemeh Hamedi, the project manager and managing director of the technological company.

“These products are effervescent and they can be dissolved in boiling water or cold water like effervescent tablets,” she added.

Hamedi explained that herbal compounds and hydrocolloids are used in formulation of these products, noting that the herbal tablets dissolve in cold or boiling water within one minute, and the customer ends up with a pleasant drink.

She added that plants like mint, ginger, cinnamon, rosemary and lemon were used in the project, saying that the product will be presented to the market soon.

Iran ranks fourth in the world in the production of science in the field of traditional medicine, and the remarkable achievement will improve in the coming years, Nafiseh Hosseini Yekta, the director of the Health Ministry’s Persian medicine office, said.

There are 2,500 plant species with medicinal properties in Iran where hundreds of local companies and research centers cultivate, harvest, and process these plants to extract their essential oils and create novel medications from them, luring in international businesses which are seeking low-price, high-quality products.

A herbal medicine recently produced by an Iranian company can help alleviate stress and diminish insomnia.

Fatemeh Zahra Almasi, the managing director of Roohan Sabz Paliz company, told ANA that the processed lemon grass plant is produced in dried form, in the form of essence, and in the form of sweat.

The essence of the plant helps to relieve insomnia or control stress, she added.




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