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Iran-Made Nano-Based Dressing Decreases Healing Time

TEHRAN (ANA)- Specialists at an Iranian knowledge-based company managed to indigenize powder dressings and wound dressings by using nanotechnology which accelerate healing of acute wounds.

Iranian Researcher Produce Dust Collector Bags to Tackle Air Pollution

TEHRAN (ANA)- In cooperation with researchers active in fields of nanotechnology, polymer chemistry and textile, an Iranian knowledge-based company has produced dust collection bags to prevent the shutting down of factories due to the release of dust particles in the air.

Virtual Meetings Tire People Because We Do Them Wrong

TEHRAN (ANA)- Earlier studies suggested that fatigue from virtual meetings stems from mental overload, but a new research from Aalto University shows that sleepiness during virtual meetings might actually be a result of mental underload and boredom.

Having Bad Boss Makes You Worse Employee

TEHRAN (ANA)- Researchers at the University of Illinois found that employees who prioritize career advancement are strongly affected by abusive leadership while employees who prioritized job security remained just as likely to take charge after experiencing abusive supervision.
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