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Humans Disrupting Natural 'Salt Cycle' on Global Scale

TEHRAN (ANA)- A new paper by scientists at the University of Maryland revealed that human activities are making Earth's air, soil and freshwater saltier, which could pose an 'existential threat' if current trends continue.

Climate-Driven Extreme Heat May Make Parts of Earth Too Hot for Humans

TEHRAN (ANA)- If global temperatures increase by 1 degree Celsius (C) or more than current levels, each year billions of people will be exposed to heat and humidity so extreme they will be unable to naturally cool themselves, according to interdisciplinary research from the Penn State College of Health and Human Development, Purdue University College of Sciences and Purdue Institute for a Sustainable Future.

First-of-Its-Kind Global Smoke Pollution Study Uncovers Alarming Results

TEHRAN (ANA)- A study, the first of its kind, by Monash University analyzed the global rise in pollution from landscape fires over two decades and discovered that over 2 billion people experience at least one day of health-related environmental risks yearly, with this figure growing by 6.8% in the last decade.

Harvard Scientists Expose Alarming Cancer Threat from ‘Safe’ Levels of Air Pollution

TEHRAN (ANA)- A study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that older adults exposed to PM2.5 and NO2 air pollutants over a decade face increased risks of colorectal and prostate cancers, noting that even at low pollution levels, there’s an elevated risk for breast, endometrial, and the aforementioned cancers.
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