Young Iranian Inventor Makes Device to Facilitate Fertilizing, Seeding
22:00 - November 27, 2022

Young Iranian Inventor Makes Device to Facilitate Fertilizing, Seeding

TEHRAN (ANA)- A young inventor in Iran developed a device within the framework of a backpack which acts as a centrifugal fertilizer and seed spreader, and one of its advantages is preventing hand skin contact with chemical fertilizers.
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The main idea behind the device was designing a light and portable system for spraying fertilizer and spreading seeds to reduce the consumption of seeds and fertilizers, regularity of operations with the same density in the entire agricultural land and the user's comfort in terms of ergonomic design and reduced operation time.

The centrifuge part of the device which is due to be mass-produced in cooperation with Islamic Azad University’s Ahvaz branch can be separated and used for better coverage. The device can also be used for fertilizing the greenhouses and seedlings without any need for batteries and by using the earth's gravity force and it is equipped with an input filter to pass merely fertilizer and seeds and shows high performance by charging with electric energy.

The device enjoys uniform and homogenous fertilizer and seed spraying capability and the radius of spraying fertilizer and seed can be adjusted. The device prevents physical injuries to users (specially in the spine area) and hand skin contact with chemical fertilizers.

In an earlier development, the managing-director of an Iranian company said that his company developed a device dubbed "Smart Greenhouse Feeding and Irrigation System" to help adjust feeding and watering greenhouse systems.

“The feeding device helps the greenhouse owners to accurately measure the parameters, the right amount of water, fertilizer and minerals using the most advanced technologies (electricity, electronics, control and mechanics) EC, PH and plant nutrition through drip irrigation will be improved,” Ahmad Rouhani, professor of electrical engineering at Islamic Azad University, Fars province, told ANA.

“Controlling the plant nutrition formula is one of the most important challenges for farmers in this field, which falls in the responsibility area of the feeding device,” Rouhani said, who is the managing director of Simorgh Houshmand Energy Company based at Islamic Azad University of Beydha.

He went on to say that the agricultural industry, especially the greenhouse owners all over the world have an urgent need for this device, no matter they grow plants in soil or they use hydroponic system, which is the cultivation of plants without using soil.





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