Smart Anti-Hail System Unveiled in Central Iran
22:00 - March 14, 2023

Smart Anti-Hail System Unveiled in Central Iran

TEHRAN (ANA)- A smart anti-hail system was unveiled at the Science and Technology Park of Markazi Province in Central Iran.
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“Each device of the smart anti-hail system is capable of covering 100 hectares of land,” said Shahriar Moubadi, the managing director of the Middle East Industry Development Company.

He explained that the system causes the collapse of hail clouds and produces rain instead of hail, noting, “Of course, until now there have been Russian-made systems in Iran but our company has prepared a completely indigenous and domestically-produced system.”

Moubadi said that next year, the entire agricultural lands in Markazi province will be equipped with the system to reduce the damage caused by hail.

Unexpected cold weather in Iran which has caused urban, industrial and agricultural damages made the country's researchers to present environmentally friendly products against frostbite in various fields.

Researchers of a technological company located in West Azerbaijan province’s Science and Technology Park in Northwestern Iran had also earlier produced and presented to the market an antifreeze system for the fruit orchards.

The anti-freeze device is a 12-meter mast and structure with a 6-meter propeller which is completely smart and can measure and store the necessary information before the frost occurs.

The device, which is equipped with a temperature sensor and the graph of temperature changes of the geographical area, turns on automatically before freezing situation. 

The system automatically receives all information of the garden and then starts analyzing and storing the recieved data. Later it delivers the information to the gardener by sending an SMS and enables him/her to control it remotely.



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