About Us

About Us

In the Name of God, the Companionate, the Merciful 

Azad News Agency (ANA) was established by the Islamic Azad University (IAU) on May 04, 2004 as the first and largest academic media in the country. 

Since 2004, ANA has been operating under direct management of the IAU’s president who has been the IAU’s highest decision maker. The IAU’s president is the person in charge of appointing ANA’s managing director and members of the agency’s board of directors.  

ANA operates with official license of the country’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance under the number of 23136 and license of the “General Directorate of Registration of Companies and Non-Commercial Institutions" under the number of 21174. 

ANA proudly succeeded in obtaining license for the establishment of creative and innovation house from “Iran’s Vice Presidency for Science and Technology" under number of 1136 in July 2022. 

Based on the permission of Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, ANA established a center for the acceleration and development of technological, innovative and creative cultural and social businesses titled "Creative and Innovation House of ANA Media (Homiana)" in a space as large as 600 square meters capable of attracting 70 entrepreneurs and new-idea generators in individual and group formats.

After more than 18 years of ANA’s activity, today the news agency is producing and publishing textual and multimedia contents, enjoys representatives in more than 300 cities of the country and comprises its own audience in a wide international range utilizing 3 living world languages.

ANA is now considered as the largest and most reliable official online media of the Islamic Republic of Iran in various fields of science, technology and knowledge-based economy. 

Since the beginning of the current Iranian year of 1401 (March 22, 2022) which was named after “Knowledge-Based Job-Generator Production” by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, ANA’s structure and approaches were reformed to concentrate on showcasing the country’s capabilities, capacities and achievements in 3 languages. 

ANA with the motto of “innovation, technology and science development monitor” has been recognized as Iran’s official reference for scientific and technological information.    

This is important to announce that currently, ANA is the main media and promotion consultant, presenter and partner of scientific, research, industrial, economic institutions and centers, science and technology parks, knowledge-based companies, startups and innovative and creative entrepreneurs. 

It should be mentioned that thousands of companies, entrepreneurs, elites, innovators and innovative groups across the country form a wide network of ANA’s colleagues and beneficiaries.




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