Iranian Company Indigenizes 3-Phase 500-MVA Supertransformer

Iranian Company Indigenizes 3-Phase 500-MVA Supertransformer

TEHRAN (ANA)- The Iranian experts at a knowledge-based company succeeded in manufacturing a three-phase integrated 500MVA (Megavolt Ampere) supertransformer for the country’s power grid.
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“This giant supertransformer is about 14 meters long, 9 meters wide, and 10 meters high, and weighs over 335 tons, and it replaces three single-phase transformers which saves about 60% of the space required for placing transformers in the substation and prevents 70% of network no-load losses,” said Mehdi Sadeqi, the managing director of the knowledge-based company.

He added that the knowledge-based product will also reduce post construction costs and facilitate the operation and monitoring process.

Sadeqi underlined that construction of the transformer started in the presence of the Iranian Energy Minister during the 23rd International Electricity Industry Exhibition in Tehran last year.

“Despite the significant complications in calculations and design of this supertransformer, we reached the testing and unveiling state within six months,” he noted.

In a relevant development in March, the largest transformer manufacturer in the Middle East which is Iran had unveiled its first furnace transformer in Semnan Province.

“The country's first submerged arc furnace transformer was built in Semnan Province and in Aria Transfo Industrial Group, relying on domestic power,” Chairman of Semnan province’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture Farajollah Memari said in an unveiling ceremony.

The Submerged Arc Furnace Transformer is a unique type of industrial electric arc furnace transformer that is specifically engineered to produce phosphorus and other related chemical products.

Memari considered the construction of the transformer as an important step to complete the chain of steel industry, basic industries and ferrosilicon and ferroalloy industries in the country, noting, “This transformer was designed and produced for the first time in the country and in this knowledge-based industrial plant.”

Stating that the design and construction of this transformer needs high technology and high-level know-how, he continued, “The self-sufficiency of the country's ferrosilicon and ferroalloy industry depends on the production of this transformer which was previously imported from foreign countries.”

“The production of this transformer prevents the annual exit of at least five million euros from the country,” he added.




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