Iran Develops CDP Device with 95% Accuracy in Detecting Surgical Margins of Cancerous Tumors
15:45 - January 09, 2023

Iran Develops CDP Device with 95% Accuracy in Detecting Surgical Margins of Cancerous Tumors

TEHRAN (ANA)- Researchers at an Iranian knowledge-based company developed a device for detection of surgical margins of cancerous tumors which displays the results to the surgeon during surgery in real time.
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“The device is a real-time Cancer Diagnostic Probe (CDP) which helps the surgeons detect cancerous cells during surgery and improves the accuracy of diagnosis,” said Dr. Shahshahani, the managing director of the knowledge-based company.

The managing director of the company explained that the device is mainly used in treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer, and noted, “We continue our studies and efforts to obtain the license for using the CDP in other cancers too.”

“The device is used for real-time diagnosis of surgical margins in patients who are candidates for breast cancer surgery during surgery and after tumor removal,” Shahshahani said, adding that it helps the surgeon to find the surgical margins of the cancerous tumors during surgery and it will ensure the patients that he/she will not see cancer recurrence in the near future.

A CDP system diagnoses the presence of pre-neoplastic/neoplastic cells in either internal or external margins of the cancerous tissues of patients during breast cancer surgery. The system lively determines the H2O2 released from cancer or atypical cells, through reverse Warburg effect and hypoxia assisted glycolysis pathways, in quantitative electrochemical manner.

Checking the cavity-side margins during surgery for breast cancer patients is critical to ensure the definitive removal of suspicious and high-risk lesions with minimal damage to normal tissue. Remaining cancer cells in the breast causes re-surgeries and inevitable post-surgical treatments, which will have several side effects. 




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