Iranian Technological Company Produces Herbal Antidepressant Medicine
11:12 - December 30, 2022

Iranian Technological Company Produces Herbal Antidepressant Medicine

TEHRAN (ANA)- A technological company in Iran succeeded in production of a herbal anti-depressant drug based on saffron.
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“This product supports the proper functioning of the nervous system and it is used to reduce the symptoms of depression and also due to its naturalness, it can be prescribed even in healthy people to benefit from its therapeutic properties and prevent depression,” said Rouhollah Ameri, the managing-director of the technological company.

Noting that the antidepressant has been derived from the saffron plant and presented under the brand name ‘Safronika’, he said, “This herbal medicine has shown good clinical effects compared to chemical drugs and can be a suitable alternative to chemical drugs used in depression and neurological diseases.”

He said that the herbal medicine can be produced at a lower price and with higher quality compared to the foreign samples.

Preclinical studies proved that saffron exerts its neuroprotective effects mostly via antioxidative stress, anti-neuroinflammation, anti-apoptosis and certain other related pathways.

Clinical trials also confirmed that saffron could alleviate depressive and anxiety-like symptoms in both depression and anxiety patients.





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