Knowledge-Based Company in Iran Manufactures Accurate Sperm Analysis Device
16:29 - January 14, 2023

Knowledge-Based Company in Iran Manufactures Accurate Sperm Analysis Device

TEHRAN (ANA)- A knowledge-based company in Iran designed and developed a sperm analysis device with the ability to show accurate, correct and repeatable results.
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“This device is an automatic sperm analysis device which has been designed and produced based on the standard of the World Health Organization (WHO),” Payam Heidari, the managing director of the knowledge-based ‘Saman Afarin Trita’ firm stationed at the incubator center of technological units of Islamic Azad University’s Roudehen branch, told ANA.

He explained that the software provides the possibility of having clinical results for the treatment of infertility and diseases related to the human reproductive system, simultaneously with providing the researchers with details related to the movement and appearance of sperms for research purposes.

“The sperm analysis device along with the related standard instructions creates accurate, correct and reproducible results and eliminates the personal judgments in analyzing the sperm,” Heidari added.

He noted that results of the analysis can easily be automatically connected to the information technology management systems of the laboratory and treatment centers, obviating the need for the user to record the information in different databases.

Earlier, an Iranian researcher had also invented a smart device which prepares sperms and increases the chance of successful fertilization.

 “The smart sperm preparation device is designed based on the normal morphology of sperm and removal of the problems of the routine methods,” Mohammad Javad Sarvqadi, a medical student at Islamic Azad University’s Mashhad branch and the managing director of ‘Nikzad Sarv Gostar’ company, told ANA.

He added that the results of tests on the device have been published in several creditable journals, noting that the aim of this invention is to prepare a sperm sample in the shortest possible time, unlike common methods.

“Another purpose for the development of this device is to have the ability to separate the sperm that have damaged DNA, which is not possible in common methods. The chance of successful fertilization increases significantly thanks to the isolation of sperm with good morphology and with the least amount of DNA damage,” Sarvqadi said.

“The smart sperm preparation device does not depend on any chemicals or equipment, including a centrifuge, for sperm sample preparation. This independency can have a positive effect on the health of the sperm and the chances of successful fertilization,” he added.

Sarvqadi described the most important and fundamental goal of his invention as the reduction of the costs of infertility treatment for couples as well as the side costs for laboratory tests and increasing the fertility rate as well.




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