Iran-Made Medicine Reduces Side Effects of Coronavirus
8:11 - January 03, 2023

Iran-Made Medicine Reduces Side Effects of Coronavirus

TEHRAN (ANA)- Researchers at a knowledge-based company stationed at Pardis Technology Park produced and internationally patented a drug which decreases the side effects of coronavirus.
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“Salira Vira drug was patented inside Iran last year and the internal license for its use was also obtained. For this purpose, pre-clinical and clinical trials were carried out and before that, the code of ethics and clinical trial license were obtained from the Iran University of Medical Sciences, which is a branch of the World Intellectual Property Organization in Iran,” said Reza Ramezani, the managing director of the knowledge-based company.

“For the international patenting of the medicine, we inked a contract with a reputable company in Europe to defend us legally and then, we gathered all our documents and delivered it to the foreign firm and finally our product was patented,” he added.

In a relevant development, a knowledge-based company in Iran produced laboratory diagnostic kits to distinguish coronavirus from different types of influenza.

“Laboratory kits are the lab test equipment that diagnose diseases by sampling blood, urine, tissue or saliva. The molecular test method for detecting infectious pathogens and cancer markers was performed for the first time in the knowledge-based Hana Gene company,” Behnam Yousefi, the managing director of the company, told ANA.

“Molecular diagnosis plays an important role in tests related to infectious diseases because it can provide effective and quick results. The increase in the prevalence of hospital infections and infectious diseases leads to an increase in the market demand for these products,” he added.

“It is necessary to examine the nucleus of the virus and bacteria to identify the type of virus. During the coronavirus epidemic, we produced and presented three types of coronavirus, corona-influenza and influenza A and B differentiation diagnosis kits to the market. We managed to distinguish coronavirus from different types of influenza with these diagnostic kits,” Yousefi said.





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