Edible Iran-Made Herbal Toothpaste Prevents Tooth Decay
16:00 - January 28, 2023

Edible Iran-Made Herbal Toothpaste Prevents Tooth Decay

TEHRAN (ANA)- A group of scientists from a technological company stationed at the Science and Technology Park of Hamedan in Western Iran produced special edible herbal toothpaste which does not contain preservatives and chemicals, reduces tooth decay and prevent plaque formation.
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Unlike similar products in the market, the Iran-made herbal toothpastes have daily application.

“This toothpaste, produced after seven years of research and testing, is completely natural and free of particles, chemicals and synthetic materials,” said Sadeq Zanganeh, the managing director of the company.

He noted that the toothpaste has been formulated in a way that it can be swallowed, saying, “They are special to patients with jaw diseases, children, the elderly, pregnant women (without fluoride) and for all patients who should not use chemicals.”

Zanganeh described prevention of gum infection, gingivitis and oral diseases among other features of the product, and said, “The toothpaste can quickly eliminate dental plaque bacteria and bad breath, and research has shown that those who have used the toothpaste for three years, their teeth have not suffered from decay.”

He added that honey, cinnamon, aloe vera, thyme, acanthophyllum and eucalyptus are among the ingredients forming the toothpaste.

In another relevant development, an Iranian researcher at Islamic Azad University’s Ayatollah Amoli branch succeeded in designing and producing a smart toothbrush which can diagnose decay inside the teeth.

“The tooth decay detecting toothbrush is a smart device that warns the user of the start of tooth decay by detecting the change in tooth color,” Kamelia Sejdeh, a student of microbiology at Islamic Azad University’s Ayatollah Amoli branch, told ANA.

“The buyers of the toothbrush should first prepare a full preliminary scan of their teeth using laboratory scanners and photography. This data should be loaded into the special toothbrush software in Android phones, and after preparing the initial database of the state of the teeth, the smart toothbrush starts its performance while brushing the teeth based on the light scan it performs,” she added.

Sejdeh said that the smart toothbrush sends information about changes in the color of the teeth to the phone which is the first sign of decay, adding that it can prevent paying heavy costs for root canals by detecting decay on time.




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