Iranian Knowledge-Based Company Develops Crop Management Software

Iranian Knowledge-Based Company Develops Crop Management Software

TEHRAN (ANA)- The researchers at a knowledge-based company in Iran have taken a step towards the localizing agricultural knowledge by developing a software that uses collected data from across the country to help farmers to plan what to grow in their farms.
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“The management software initiative, for which we obtained the knowledge-based badge, collects a series of data from across the country about the crop, soil, climatic conditions and the requirement of that crop, and after processing this information, it calculates which region of the country is suitable for growing that crop,” Mohammad Hossein Hosseini, the managing director of the technological company explained about the software developed in their knowledge-based company and how it operates.

“This software shows where each crop is grown. For example, suppose we want to grow oilseeds for food security reasons and we need to know in which part of the country the suitable conditions for growing this product exists. Using this technology, we can give the software the information we need (for example, the type of oilseed such as safflower or sunflower), and the software will assess for you which region of the country is most suitable for growing that crop,” he said.

Hosseini said that the main activities of their firm focuses on plant conservation, soil-related science, veterinary medicine, biotechnology, and research.

He added that their company has been a leading company in those fields over the past 18 years. 

“We produce and manage many systems and data from the country in the agricultural field. Our biggest achievement is that not only we operate in different fields of agriculture, we also cooperate with different government bodies and organizations.”

“By identifying the regions that are suitable for growing a particular crop, we can guide farmers towards the production and cultivation of that crop with the necessary support and training. This can help to create jobs in underdeveloped areas and meet the country's need for that crop,” he said, adding, “Our support includes supplying poisons and fertilizers, training and promotion, water supply, etc.”


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