Iranian Knowledge-Based Company Produces System to Detect Driver’s Drowsiness

Iranian Knowledge-Based Company Produces System to Detect Driver’s Drowsiness

TEHRAN (ANA)- Researchers at a knowledge-based company in Iran that makes car driving simulators have developed a system that detects driver’s drowsiness using artificial intelligence(AI).
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"We work in the field of manufacturing different kinds of driving simulators for light and heavy vehicles, motorcycles and specific cars," Oveis Hosseini, the director of research and development department of the knowledge-based company that operates in the field of car simulation said in an interview with ANA.

He clarified that by specific vehicles he meant the ones that are used in mines. “We have been able to set up mining simulators in four mines in the country."

Stating that they have also worked in the field of driver assistance systems, Hosseini said, "A very important product of the company is the monitoring of drivers' movements using artificial intelligence. This product receives 30 features from people's faces and when the driver is drowsy, it will deliver the necessary alarms to him."

Hosseini further said that the system not only alerts the driver himself, but also the control room that monitors the driver to avert undesired incidents.

“The device was installed in a mine and passed its clinical phase and became operational; It is planned that 200 to 300 devices will be installed in the next 6 months.”

Pointing to the feature of monitoring the behavior of drivers, the company’s manager said, “The driver’s eyes blinking, the drooping of the shoulders, etc. are checked. As soon as it detects that a person is drowsy, it alerts.”

“The driver's seat will start to vibrate. The auditory alarms will be activated and the necessary signals will be delivered to the control room,” he said about how the system alerts when it detects the driver is drowsy.

“This device uses different sensors and algorithms to analyze the driver's behavior to prevent accidents caused by impaired consciousness. Also, the connection of this device to the control system and the driver's behavior monitoring and analysis system using AI allows for collective and industrial uses in industries and non-personal transportation,” he said.

“This product can have many benefits for public, industrial transportation, including mining machinery, intercity and passenger buses, etc.,” Hosseini continued.

The monitoring system put in this system allows analyzing the data from all the drivers in the system using AI without the direct involvement of man, he said, adding, “The outputs are available to contractors and employers in the form of useful and helpful data.”

These devices enable you to optimize fleet tracking processes by storing all vehicle and driver information in a central location. This feature is especially useful for managing fleets, the knowledge-based company’s research and development department concluded.


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