Knowledge-Based Firm in Iran Indigenizes Medical CT Scan Device

Knowledge-Based Firm in Iran Indigenizes Medical CT Scan Device

TEHRAN (ANA)- A knowledge-based company in Iran has taken an important step in self-sufficiency and indigenization of medical CT scan devices.
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“This product can be used both in the field of diagnosis and as a treatment simulator in radiotherapy,” said Farid Nejat Bakhsh Azadani, the managing director of the knowledge-based Behyar Sana’at Sepahan company.

“The main goal of this project is to design a diagnostic CT scan device, a CT scan simulator for use in radiotherapy, and a CT scan device for industrial applications,” he added.

Nejat Bakhsh Azadani said that the CT scan device produced by his company has 16 general applied medicine slices which can be used in medical imaging centers and meets 85% of the medical centers’ needs.

In a relevant development in June, Iranian researchers at the technological unit of the Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology designed and manufactured a Micro-CT imaging device for the first time in the country and in the Middle-East.

Micro-CT is a high-tech tool for performing non-destructive 3D imaging of the internal structure of objects by using micron-sized X-rays.

The technology unit has mass-produced and commercialized a high-resolution desktop Micro-CT scanner (Micro-CT LOTUS-NDT) for non-destructive imaging and optimized it for imaging industrial and biomedical samples with fine structures.

The ability to change the magnification and field of view of the device makes it suitable for imaging many small samples with high resolution down to one micron.

The combination of the wide range of X-ray energy with different mechanical filters allows the user to choose the best possible image quality for studies like digital analysis of oil cores, cell scaffolds, dental pulp, etc.



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