Iran-Made Spray Dryer Meets Needs of Food, Pharmaceutical Industries

Iran-Made Spray Dryer Meets Needs of Food, Pharmaceutical Industries

TEHRAN (ANA)- Iranian researchers at a knowledge-based company succeeded in designing and manufacturing a spray dryer with application in the pharmaceutical and food industries.
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“Drying materials by using a spray dryer is a process that involves suspending particles with an atomizer and directing it in a hot dry gas environment (usually air) in order to evaporate the water in the solution; therefore, the fogging of the feed causes different materials to be powdered and it is the process used to produce milk powder, egg powder and various protein powders,” Ali Nozari, the managing director of the knowledge-based company, told ANA.

Noting that spray dryer is widely used in various food industries like coffee powder, tea, fruit juice powder, gelatin powder, plant powder like aloe vera, pharmaceutical industries like vaccines and penicillin, chemical industries like fertilizers and chelates, paint industries and many other industries, he said, “Now, by acquiring the know-how of this technology, we have been able to make this device and take an effective step in the supply chain of these industries.”

“At present, countries like Italy, Germany and China own this technology. This product was previously imported, but we were able to meet the needs of industries. The quality of this product is equal to similar foreign samples, and it is more affordable in terms of price,” Nozari said.

In a relevant development in 2023, researchers of a technological company in Iran had also managed to make a cooling drying device needed by industries active in the materials engineering, agricultural, chemistry and pharmaceutical fields.

“We have sold nearly 20 of these cooling drying machines to different industries in the past three years,” said Siamak Aziminam, the managing director of the technological company.

He added that the device enjoys a favorable quality and price, stating, “We are trying to present the product to the international market.”

Noting that the drying device was not well known in the scientific community and was used only in medical sub-branches until some years ago, Aziminam said, “We tried to introduce this technology to the industry and now these devices are used in various fields. We have recieved orders for purchasing from different industries like material engineering, agriculture, chemistry, nanotechnology, and medicine.”




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