Iran Unveils Home-Made Sprayer Drone
15:30 - June 18, 2024

Iran Unveils Home-Made Sprayer Drone

TEHRAN (ANA)- Iranian Minister of Agriculture Mohammad Ali Nikbakht unveiled a home-made sprayer drone named ‘Captain Bee’ during an exhibition in Tehran. 
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‘Captain Bee’ which has been developed by Sirang Co., an Iranian knowledge-based company, has special wings and utilizes photovoltaic (PV) technology to reduce battery consumption and enhance its functionality.

Reza Rostami, an expert at Sirang Co. said that the drone can be controlled remotely through artificial intelligence.

During the unveiling ceremony, Nikbakht emphasized the support provided to knowledge-based companies by the Agriculture Ministry. 

The Abadiran exhibition, which aimed to address challenges in villages and underdeveloped areas, create job opportunities, and develop national potential, was held in Tehran on June 11-14.

In a relevant development in September, specialists at another Iranian knowledge-based firm had also succeeded in manufacturing a new type of drone which can be used for mapping and protecting the forests.

“These products, which are designed and commercialized under the name of Kohenz E1 and X1, have special advantages like accuracy in aerial imaging and they are presented at reasonable prices,” said Mohammad Hassan Hejrat, the managing-director of the knowledge-based company.

He underlined the increasing demand in the market for drones and the growing trend of using flying devices at the international level, and said, “Our main focus is on the civilian field, specifically mapping and aerial surveillance, and monitoring the energy and oil lines, environment, agricultural fields and forests.”

Hejrat explained that the Swedish and Swiss companies are widely active in the world in production of fixed-wing drones, saying, “Our product is also fully smart and automatic, and can be launched with a launcher for far-fetched areas and can land with an umbrella which significantly increases the safety of the drone.”




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