Official: 47 Percent of Iranian Scientists Active in Health Sectors
10:00 - June 20, 2024

Official: 47 Percent of Iranian Scientists Active in Health Sectors

TEHRAN (ANA)- Iranian Deputy Health Minister for Research and Technology Younes Panahi announced that 47% of the country’s scientists are active in the health and medical fields.
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“47% of the country's total scientists are active in the field of health 300 academic staff members of universities and faculties of medical sciences across the country are among this group,” Panahi said.

Noting that a technological ecosystem has been created in the country in the field of health, he said, “Since two years ago, 25 health technology incubator centers have being activated in different parts of the country which shows a 21.7% growth. Also, during the last 33 months, 5 new health science and technology parks have been established in Iran, and the number of active parks in this field have reached 15.”

“Also, we have witnessed the creation of 826 new inventions and a 42% growth in this field with the help accelerators,” Panahi underlined.  

In relevant remarks in October, Panahi had announced that the country ranks 14th in the world in pharmacology.

“Iran's share in production of medical science in the field of pharmacology in the Middle East is 27% and in other medical sciences is 24%, and Iran ranks 15th in the field of all sciences in the world and 14th in pharmacology,” Panahi said.

Noting that the growth of science production in pharmacology is stable and the scientific acceleration in this sector should be improved, he stated that the average science production through international cooperation is 30% and 38% in the pharmacology sector.




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