University of Tehran Researchers Study Children’s Transition from Family to Society
17:00 - June 06, 2024

University of Tehran Researchers Study Children’s Transition from Family to Society

TEHRAN (ANA)- Iranian researchers at the University of Tehran believe that going from family to school, the child comes under the supervision of new rules which is applied to all children indiscriminately.
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In an article titled ‘postmodernist attitude to modern education’, Davar Sheikhavandi (a faculty member of the University of Tehran) discusses the issue that for many children in our society, the educational system is the first experience that sociologists call formal organization.

In this research, it is pointed out that families indirectly return to school and share the fears caused by that system. Despite the highways of communication, in modern society, schools have become the most seductive and alluring social institutions. Continuation of education, long-term attachment to school, efficiency, promotion of status in jobs, increase in productivity and as a result climbing the promotion ladder and securing important jobs play a decisive role and are considered complementary to other effective factors in stratification.

According to the researcher, due to the superior status of education and the increasing number of different issues that it raises in our society, sociologists have paid attention to make research and criticize the function and actions inside the educational system and their reaction outside it.

The result of this attitude of the researcher has led to scientific development and it is called sociology of education. Under this title, all kinds of issues related to the formation of groups of students and teachers, the role and hierarchy of people in the class, or more general issues like the action and reaction of education with the wider society and the role of education and educational levels in the formation of strata or social stratification, the formation of groups of political and non-political elites, provision of human resources and its effect on the development and prosperity of societies are examined.

This researcher finally concludes that according to the mentioned points, all types of the so-called ‘educational’ activities include an important part of the professional and specialized system, and most governments allocate an important share of their national production to these activities every year.





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