Iranian Entrepreneur Wins United Nations Education Award
15:00 - July 29, 2023

Iranian Entrepreneur Wins United Nations Education Award

TEHRAN (ANA)- An Iranian entrepreneur has won the education and training award at the UN Trade Forum 2023.
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In an interview with Iranian media, Amir Abbas Mohammadi Koushki, head of Iran's inventions team, pointed to the participation of the entrepreneur Dr. Ali Afzali in the famous event held the United Nations UN Trade Forum, and said, “This event was hosted by Mongolia, and during it, the Iranian entrepreneur Afzali received the PAGE 2023 award (Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE)) entitled "Green Financial Policy" from the United Nations GREEN Program (TGP).”

Saying that the participation of this Iranian entrepreneur in this event was made possible with the official invitation of the Vice President and Minister of Economy of Mongolia as the host of this forum as well as the Director of the International Trade Center’s (ITC), Koushki added, “The 20th United Nations World Trade and Export Development Forum 2023 was hosted by Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar after the Covid-19 pandemic was over. This forum has been held for the development of exports and trade, especially using the capacities of developing countries under the theme of “Diversifying Green Trade: Organic, Digital, Sustainable” with the cooperation of governments and international organizations and large global companies to tackle challenges and increase cooperation between countries and companies.”

“In the B2B meeting, the representative of Iran presented information about the potentials of knowledge-based companies and Iranian entrepreneurs, and the export capabilities of these Iranian technologists,” he added. 

“In the meeting, he presented a general overview of the capabilities and potential of Iranian knowledge-based companies in the field of artificial intelligence, tourism, medical equipment, start-ups in the field of education and other capabilities of Iranian experts in a report,” Koushkei also noted.


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