Monthly Steel Production in Iran Increases by 1.1 Percent
17:00 - June 03, 2024

Monthly Steel Production in Iran Increases by 1.1 Percent

TEHRAN (ANA)-The Iranian Steel Producers Association (ISPA) announced that crude steel production in the first month of the Persian calendar year (started on March 20) has increased 1.1 percent compared to the same period last year.
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The ISPA said that Iran's semi-finished steel production has reached 3.166 million metric tons in the first month of the Iranian calendar year.

Of the mentioned amount, a 1.1% increase in semi-finished steel production, some 2% increase in total production of steel products, the 5.7% increase in pellet production, and the 10.4% increase in sponge iron production are among the most important achievements in the first month of the Iranian calendar year.

According the ISPA’s figures, in the mentioned period, the production of iron ore concentrate shows a 4% increase.

Steel beams production decreased by 14.9%, and coated sheets production decreased by 4.8%, and production of hot and cold sheets show 1.2% increase, according to the statistics.

ISPA had also announced in April that that $7.6 billion of steel products were exported from the country in the last year of 1402 in the Iranian calendar (March 21, 2023 to March 19, 2024).

In 1402, Iran exported about 30 million tons of steel products, recording a 66% increase compared to the year before 1401 (March 21, 2024 to March 19, 2025), ISPA statistics showed.

The association reported that the exports of the entire steel and iron chain  in 1402 in terms of weight grew between 2.9% to 621%. Meanwhile, except for the exports of long, flat bars, the value of the entire steel chain increased significantly.

The export value of long steel bars decreased by 3.2% compared to 1401. While the total export value of long steel bars last year was $1.468 billion, it was $1.516 billion in 1401.

The export of flat steel bars was 482,000 tons worth $305 million during the 12 months of 1402, which compared to 468,000 tons exported in 1401 valued at $329 million, increased by 2.9% in weight but decreased by 7.4% in value.

Last year, 3,473 million tons of steel products (worth $1.773 billion) were exported, showing an increase compared to 3.2 million tons exported in 12 months of 1401 worth $1.845 billion. These figures show 7.4% in crease in weight, but 3.9% drop in value of the steel products exports. 

ISPA statistics further noted that 7.838 million tons of steel ingots valued at $3.757 billion were exported from March 21, 2023 to March 21, 2024. This is while in the year before last year, the steel ingot export was 7.372 million tons worth 3.603 billion. 

According to the Iranian association figures, the growth of exports in iron ore pellets, sponge iron and iron ore concentrate set new records high both in weight and value.

The iron ore concentrate accounted for the highest export growth. It went up sharply from 928,000 tons with an export value of $95 million in 1401 to 6,692,000 tons with an export value of $609 million last year, showing 621% growth.




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