Iran Among Top 10 Countries in Developing Technology, Science to Treat Infertility
17:00 - May 18, 2024

Iran Among Top 10 Countries in Developing Technology, Science to Treat Infertility

TEHRAN (ANA)- Through the efforts of knowledge-based companies and research centers, Iran has become one of the top 10 countries capable of domestically developing know-how and biological sciences to treat infertility and perform In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).
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Iranian couples had to travel to European countries for infertility treatment in the past decades, but now many couples from other countries, particularly neighbors come to Iran to receive infertility treatment via IVF.

The country has now become one of the top 10 countries in the world in infertility treatment and the treatment costs in Iran are much lower than in other countries. This has been achieved through the efforts of knowledge-based companies and research-service centers such as highly prestigious Royan Institute.

Based in Tehran, Royan Institute is a renowned center that provides comprehensive services for the infertility treatment, regenerative medicine/cell therapy, production of recombinant proteins and development of biological products.

Royan is only of the dozens of research service provider and clinical centers that provide services to infertile couples in Iran.

“Today, there are more than 100 infertility treatment centers in the country. One can say that all types of infertility can be treated inside the country now,” said that Mohammad Reza Sadeghi, the head of Avicenna Research Institute which was founded and is run by the Institute of Applied Science Technology Jahad Daneshgahi (IASTJD).

“Even women who have lost chance of getting pregnant naturally at the age of 45 due to menopause or as a result of the cessation of the production of reproductive hormones, these people can go to infertility treatment centers to receive treatment even when they are 49, although the type, quality and success rate of treatment would be different,” added head of Avicenna Research Institute.


He pointed to the government support for infertile couples in Iran, adding, "Each infertile couple has their own treatment conditions. As it is true about some couples, such as a man who does not have sperm for whatever reason, his sperm is zero, it should be admitted that his reproductive system does not produce sperm. In that case, we have to send that person to the systems of using embryo donation as embryo donation is legal based on a piece of legislation approved by the parliament."

Researchers at a knowledge-based company in Science and Technology Park of the University of Tehran (UT), indigenized the technology and science of producing diagnostic kits for infertility treatment, which reduces the cost of identifying infertile couples.

The managing director of the knowledge-based company pointed to the detection kits produced by their company ,saying, "These kits help experts in the country detect the complications of couples' infertility. Meanwhile, the prices of the Iranian-made product as compared to its foreign equivalent is almost one-fifteenth.”

The Iranian scientists have also developed the know-how and science of stem cell therapy that may help reverse effects of premature menopause, restore fertility.


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