Knowledge-Based Firm in Iran Designs Jewelry Administrative Assistant Platform
17:00 - February 26, 2024

Knowledge-Based Firm in Iran Designs Jewelry Administrative Assistant Platform

TEHRAN (ANA)- One of the knowledge-based companies based at Pardis Technology Park (PTP) has been able to create a software to help with jewelry stores management.
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“Using traditional methods and not having accurate financial reports usually creates problems for this trade. Therefore our software was designed as a shop assistant for these stores,” Saeid Nateqian, the managing director of the company, said about the jewelry administrative assistant platform produced in their company, according to the website of the Pardis Technology Park (PTP).

“Online prices of gold and coins, identifying the customers and store management panel are among the features of this product. Along with these features, this software can also assist in handling the relationship between the shop assistant and the customer and gives sales analysis,” Nateqian added.

“Being easy to work with, portability of the device, various processes in one place that are needed in the shop and cost reduction are other features of this software,” he added.

​The managing director of the company also pointed to the other software produced in their company, saying, “This software is one of the most comprehensive integrated software for point of purchase (POP) that changes the quality of sales and payment system.”

“Creating a store management panel, store checkout, and storage are among the other features of this integrated software that can act as a complete shop assistant. Also, this software has the capability to prepare electronic invoices in addition to paper invoices,” Nateqian further said.

“Currently, various customers are using these two softwares and we are trying to create a revolution in smart solutions for business development,” he concluded.


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