Iran-Made Nano-Based Device Helps Anti-Drug Police Detect Narcotics
12:00 - November 15, 2023

Iran-Made Nano-Based Device Helps Anti-Drug Police Detect Narcotics

TEHRAN (ANA)- Iranian researchers at a company stationed at the Center for the Development of Technological Units of the Islamic Azad University’ Sanandaj branch succeeded in designing and manufacturing a device for making solid phase microextraction retainers and fibers by using nanotechnology.
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“The main application of this product is to extract substances in very low concentrations. These materials should be extracted before entering the device,” Sirvan Mohammadi Azar, a PhD graduate of Analytical Chemistry and a faculty member of Islamic Azad University’s Sanandaj branch, told ANA on the sidelines of the 14th International Nanotechnology Exhibition in Tehran.

Elaborating on the function of the device for making retainer and solid phase microextraction fibers by using nanotechnology, he said, “A syringe exists inside this device with absorbent (as the heart of this device and the size of a strand of hair) which is a nanocomposite absorbent and absorbs materials. After the material is absorbed by the device, it is pulled into the sheath, then the device heats up. Finally, whatever is attached to the pod enters the device, and after that the device determines the ingredients inside a plant.”

Mohammadi Azar noted that normally, a very expensive solvent is used and it takes time to determine the composition of a plant and these materials should be evaporated, saying, “The device we have made carries out all these stages in one stage and it does not need toxic and expensive solvents.”

“In addition to being used to detect the compounds of plants, the product can also be used to extract and measure toxins and pesticides in plant products like apples, cucumbers and vegetables. Also, the anti-narcotics police can extract the drugs and insert them into the machine in the shortest possible time,” he added.

The 14th International Nano Exhibition kicked off in Tehran on November 4 and ended on November 7 in the presence of companies active in the nanotechnology field.

As the biggest nano event in Iran, the 4-day exhibition was an opportunity to get to know about the latest achievements and developments in the field of nanotechnology.

Dozens of nanotechnological companies were present at this year's nano exhibition in various fields like oil and energy, health and health, water and environment, agriculture and packaging, automobile, paint and coating, construction, textiles, and advanced materials, and they are displaying their achievements.

The exhibition provided a suitable opportunity for technological cooperation between startups and activists of the country's innovation ecosystem in the way of commercialization of products.




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