Iranian Researchers Develop Digital Phenotyping App
14:00 - May 09, 2023

Iranian Researchers Develop Digital Phenotyping App

TEHRAN (ANA)- Researchers at the University of Tehran managed to develop a digital phenotyping application for smartphones which are used in the detection and diagnosis of mental health conditions.
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Digital phenotyping enables scientists to track markers of depression and anxiety and develop new treatments and diagnoses.

Mohammadreza Kazemi, a researcher at the university's technologies research center, said smartphones can provide a lot of information about people’s habits and behaviors.

In these small pocket devices, an ideal combination of sensors, processing power, and user interface are gathered together, which can help the patient's treatment process by recording patient information, he added.

“On the other hand, clinical methods for tracking patients are usually expensive and rely on the patient's self-report and laboratory conditions.

So, using this application is effective in reducing the cost of patients in addition to being easy.”

This application does not have any similar rival products inside the country and has equal performance compared to foreign products.

Moreover, this system allows medical clinics to interact with patients through smartphones. If necessary, the clinic can remind the patient through a smartphone notification or send a questionnaire to the patient.

Then, the patient's answers to the questionnaires are recorded and after processing, each type of activity and its relationship with the patient's recovery process will be provided to the doctor and the patient in the form of a daily and weekly report and will be used in the treatment process.

The system also evaluates the possibility of monitoring the treatment process by analyzing the activity and other mobile phone data.

In addition to sensor data, questionnaires, and self-declaration methods are also used in this system through smartphones.


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