Iranian Researchers Produce Special Supplement to Prevent Respiratory Diseases
18:00 - April 04, 2023

Iranian Researchers Produce Special Supplement to Prevent Respiratory Diseases

TEHRAN (ANA)- A group of researchers from a technological company located in an accelerator in Iran developed a special supplement based on probiotics which is effective in prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases.
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“This product is a combination of specific probiotics, vitamins and mineral salts, the combination of which will have positive effects in prevention of respiratory diseases,” said Maryam Tajabadi, one of the researchers of the project.

“This supplement also contains vitamins like selenium and vitamin D which will help strengthen the body's immune system,” she added.

Tajabadi explained that the supplement has been subjected to clinical trials on 420 patients who were infected with the Covid-19 virus, saying, “The results showed that the supplement is effective in both preventing the disease and reducing the complications of the disease.”

Noting that the supplement has received necessary licenses in five countries and has been exported to Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Lebanon so far, she said, “Consultations are also underway for the exports of this product to Europe.”

In a relevant development earlier this year, a team of Iranian researchers have developed nano multivitamin supplements that can be absorbed into the body very quickly in a matter of seconds.

Iranian Researchers produced multivitamin nano supplements that are completely absorbed by the body in 20 seconds in spray forms and in less than five minutes in softgel forms on the skin.

Mohammad Mahdi Ochi, a PhD in nanotechnology from the University of Tehran explained about their project about production of nano multivitamin supplements as one of their research team’s products and said, “We have designed ultrasonic homogenizer for disposition of nanomaterials which is in the manufacturing stage and with it we have been able to produce multivitamin nano supplements.”



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