Iranian Company Develops AI-Based Audio Engine for Home-Made Navigation App
12:00 - March 29, 2023

Iranian Company Develops AI-Based Audio Engine for Home-Made Navigation App

TEHRAN (ANA)- Iranian engineers at a technological company developed audio engines based on artificial intelligence which was added to one of the indigenized navigation software named ‘Neshan’.
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“One of the main engines that are developed by using artificial intelligence is audio engines, which are different based on the language of various countries,” said Saleh Assadi, the commercial manager of the technological company.

Noting that these processing engines are also one of the strategic technologies in industries, he said that for instance they can be used in production line of factories and it can be determined which of the rails should be activated by issuing voice commands.

Assadi said that the audio engines can also be used in cars, and added, “By using voice commands, you can roll up and lower the car window or turn on the radio and ask for directions.”

Iranian experts at Islamic Azad University had also earlier managed to produce remote-control lighting systems based on artificial intelligence for buildings by using indigenized equipment.

“We formed a technology core in cooperation with faculty members of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Islamic Azad University’s Jahrom branch and a number of distinguished graduates of the university. The innovative and technological idea of this core was the smart and remote-control lighting equipment for buildings,” Hamed Banizaman, a faculty member of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the Islamic Azad University’s Jahrom branch, told ANA.

“The main field of activity of our technological company is the design, manufacture and semi-industrial production of intelligent touch-sensitive equipment for buildings’ lighting switches and sockets,” he added.

Banizaman noted that the company is obtaining a knowledge-based production license from the Iranian Vice-Presidency for Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy by presenting the ‘Internet of Things’ platform.




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