Iran-Made RTV Silicone Coatings Used in Electrical Insulators, Isolators
8:05 - January 28, 2023

Iran-Made RTV Silicone Coatings Used in Electrical Insulators, Isolators

TEHRAN (ANA)- A knowledge-based company stationed at the science and technology park of Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran produced RTV coatings with high water repellency and insulation properties.
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“Our company’s product enjoys all the necessary performance specifications and has been indigenized based on the geographical climate of Iran,” said Monireh Taqvayee, the managing director of the knowledge-based company.

She added that application of these coatings has resolved the problem of power outage in different areas that face the problem of fine dust and pollution.

Taqvayee noted that the RTV is a type of waterproof insulating coating for insulators and isolators in electricity industry which was produced with the aim of resolving the problem of dust on the surface of electrical network insulators in polluted areas.

RTV silicone high voltage insulator coatings provide superior arcing and flash over protection in the most hostile environments.

It lasts longer than other coatings, washing and greases, providing significant savings in maintenance and replacement costs.

The RTV silicone coating generally leaves insulators virtually maintenance free for many years.



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