Iran Inaugurates First Smart Factory
15:39 - January 25, 2023

Iran Inaugurates First Smart Factory

TEHRAN (ANA)- Iran inaugurated the first innovation and smart factory in the presence of Vice-President for Science and Technology Rouhollah Dehqani Firouzabadi in a bid to further support plans to promote development and application of the artificial intelligence.
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The smart factory has been inaugurated to develop and establish ecosystem institutions, including innovation centers, accelerators, and startups, improve skills and empower elites in the field of artificial intelligence, and meet the country’s technological needs and priorities by reliance on the knowledge-based companies.

Linking the innovative and knowledge-based companies with large firms, creating an innovation hub in the field of intelligence and targeted communication with internal and external actors in this field and identifying innovative and creative employees are other goals behind setting up the factory.

The factory's technology portfolio in terms of activity includes seven areas of financial technology (fintech), energy, mining, transportation, health, basic goods and agriculture (food security).

A smart factory is a digitized manufacturing facility that uses connected devices, machinery and production systems to continuously collect and share data. This data is then used to inform decisions to improve processes as well as address any issues that may arise.

The smart manufacturing practices used by a smart factory are enabled by a variety of technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, cloud computing, and the industrial Internet of Things (IoT).


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