Iranian Knowledge-Based Products Displayed at Russian Exhibition AGROVOLGA 2024
10:00 - July 11, 2024

Iranian Knowledge-Based Products Displayed at Russian Exhibition AGROVOLGA 2024

TEHRAN (ANA)- Iranian knowledge-based companies presented their products at the AGROVOLGA 2024 exhibition in Russian city of Kazan earlier at early June.
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AGROVOLGA 2024 was a complex event that included an open-air agro-industrial exhibition and business forum at the site of a modern expo center. The three-day program includes demonstration of achievements and new technologies in the agricultural field, exchange of experience and formats for defining and solving industry-specific business problems.

The agro-industrial exhibition was held on 3-5 July in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The Iranian knowledge-based firms displayed their products at a pavilion which was set up for them by the Iran National Innovation Fund (INIF).

The exhibition focused on agriculture and industry; mechanization; livestock and animal husbandry; seeds and inputs; sorting and packaging; farms and agricultural producers, agricultural structures; machinery and equipment.

The knowledge-based firms in Iran displayed the following data-x-items in the Russian-hosted exhibition:

"Liquid, powdered and flake humic acid", "Linear automatic triple sealer packing machine, semi-automatic sealer packing machine, metal detector (industrial metal detector) and scales", "Soybean, rapeseed, flax, sunflower and sesame", "Improvers and enhancers" , micronutrient chelates, macro organic fertilizers", "types of garden, medicinal and ornamental plants by tissue culture method", "types of seeds and seedlings, cuttings, onions in different agricultural, garden and greenhouse fields; Various effective agricultural inputs in the production of agricultural products", "Potato seeds", "Humic acid (growth-improving organic fertilizers)", "Insect protein powder and food supplement based on zinc, livestock, poultry and aquatic feed based on the supply of protein from insects , recycling system for integrated cultivation of fish, greenhouse and poultry", "NF livestock nanobiocide, NF poultry nanobiocide, PTN ready-to-use spray", "steam turbines, turbo generator", "summer seeds of cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, sword pepper, watermelon", "Dairy anti-scum, sugar anti-scum, CIP anti-foam (washing dairy effluent) and anti-stick ", "Garden trencher, trenchers, rotary traction canal making machine, self-pulling robotic canal making".


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