Iran-Made Welding Machine Consumes Less Electricity

Iran-Made Welding Machine Consumes Less Electricity

TEHRAN (ANA)- The researchers of a knowledge-based company in Iran succeeded in making a welding machine with minimal electricity consumption while in use.
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“Our products are welding machines. At first, we formed a research and development team and reverse engineered this device. Then we made changes in it and finally presented a product that has different specifications compared to the foreign samples,” Ali Mahmoudi, the managing director of the knowledge-based company, told ANA.

“The biggest difference of our welding machine with others is that we have packed a large amount of power into a small volume; also, our devices are easily portable and can work with a generator in areas where there is no electricity,” he added.

“Previous samples of this machine were in such a way that the electrode would stick to the workpiece while working with the machine, but we have settled this problem too,” Mahmoudi said.

“The next point is that all electrode ranges, cast iron and steel electrodes can be easily welded by using our product,” he added.

In a relevant development in November, an Iranian knowledge-based company had domestically produced laser welder that is equipped with fully automatic wire filling in a project that has been sponsored by Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC).

Afshin Panjepour, the development manager of the company said, “This company has been operating in the field of laser and metal laser material processing equipment for five years. Our products include machines for metal laser cutting, laser welding and laser coating.”

“We can weld metals with low weldability (joinability), especially non-homogeneous metals, to other metals with laser welding at a very good quality,” he further said, adding, “This process has the capability of reproducibility and suitable production compared to other methods, both economically and in terms of production quality.”

Panjepour also noted that laser cutting machine are employed in metalworking and sheet metalworking industries, adding, “The machine is also used in other industries such as energy production, stone industries, power plants, refineries, and industries that weld special metals such as nickel and titanium-based alloys.”

“There are examples of this machine that has been locally produced for the first time in Iran by this company,” the development manager of the company further said.



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