Iranian Knowledge-Based Firm Makes Device to Remove Arsenic, Heavy Metals from Purified Water
8:05 - June 29, 2024

Iranian Knowledge-Based Firm Makes Device to Remove Arsenic, Heavy Metals from Purified Water

TEHRAN (ANA)- The presence of arsenic and heavy metals is the challenge of water purification in rural areas which was settled with a device manufactured by an Iranian knowledge-based company.
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“Our package for removing heavy metals and arsenic from drinking water is one of the latest achievements of our company, and this device is used in rural areas to supply drinking water to rural households,” said Arsalan Sadr, a senior marketing and sales expert of one of the knowledge-based company.

“We receive the purified water that has problems with heavy metals and arsenic, and the water reservoir is connected to our package, and we remove arsenic or any type of heavy metals through the filtration that is designed and installed inside this system,” he added.

“Finally, the package supplies standard and high-quality drinking water during the filtration process. The design of this device is similar to gas pumps for the ease of water withdrawal,” Sadr explained.

In a relevant development in May 2023, Iranian researchers at Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT) had also developed a new method to remove heavy metals from produced wastewater in oilfields by using the Electrocoagulation (EC).

Mahdieh Mehri, an AUT graduate and the executive director of the project entitled "Removal of heavy metals from the produced water in oilfields with high salt using the electrocoagulation method (EC)" told Iranian media that as far as she knows the EC method has not been used in removing heavy metals in wastewater from the oil and gas industry so their project is a brand new start.

According to her, the findings of their research show that using the EC method makes it possible to desalinate the wastewater in oil fields.

She also said that the wastewater produced in oilfields is contaminated with organic pollutants and various heavy metals that can be separated using the EC in an efficient way.

The UAT researcher further said that purified water obtained after desalination can be used for various purposes, such as agricultural irrigation or as firefighting water, adding, "This water can also be injected into wells without causing harm to environment."

Mehri described desalinating the wastewater in oilfields as a complicated process, saying, “This EC method can be used for desalinating water in the oil and gas industry and reusing the huge amount of produced water for useful applications in the industry without polluting the environment. In other words, due to the large amount of produced water, there is no need to transfer desalinated sea water, and after desalination, this obtained water can be used for irrigation usage and other purposes.”

“This project has been implemented using a reactor with a relatively simple design and using available metals such as iron, aluminum, copper and zinc along with aeration using an air compressor,” she said while describing the method's details. 




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