Iranian Researchers Recycle Wastewater for Fish Farming, Poultry Breeding, Greenhouse Products
17:00 - June 23, 2024

Iranian Researchers Recycle Wastewater for Fish Farming, Poultry Breeding, Greenhouse Products

TEHRAN (ANA)- The water recycling system and the use of wastewater in the three fields of fish breeding, greenhouse products and poultry breeding is the achievement of one of the knowledge-based companies.
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At present, the company produces 12 tons of fish, 20 tons of tomatoes, 3 tons of quail meat, and 9 tons of quail eggs with a 95% reduction in annual water consumption.

By recirculating water and reusing the effluents of the three areas of fish breeding, greenhouse products and poultry, the problems of all three areas like mechanical equipment, food supplements and reinforcing fertilizers are settled.

In this project, the amount of consumed water is reduced by 95%, but the amount of fish production will be equal to similar ponds. In this method, the pool water will return to the hydroponic greenhouse culture bed, and the cost of greenhouse production will be reduced by a third before operation and during operation.

In this cycle, water is oxygenated, and since chemical fertilizers cannot be used to grow plants, they use animal manure and quail excrement. In fact, animal excrement supplies the level of chemical deficiencies of water, and the excrement solution is regulated based on the nutrition of quails.

Settling the problem of water resources in the country and solving the problem of lack of fertile soil, preventing non-optimal water consumption for the production of crops, preventing the pollution of water resources by all types of effluents and wastes from the agricultural sector, not using inappropriate chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and producing 100% organic products are the advantages of this system.

In a relevant development in January, specialists of a knowledge-based company in Iran had also taken an important step towards protecting the environment by producing a system for neutralizing and treating hazardous industrial wastewater.

“This product is a system for purifying and neutralizing used caustic which has an important and vital application in the oil and petrochemical industries,” said Ali Pour Khalil, the managing director of the knowledge-based company.

Noting that his company is active in manufacturing membrane systems for degassing and water gasification with the aim of producing high-quality water and wastewater treatment for various industries in Iran, he said that in its latest research, the company has succeeded in making the caustic wastewater neutralization system.

Pour Khalil stated that the used caustic is one of the most hazardous parts of the effluents of the refining and petrochemical industries with the highest degree of pollution, adding, “In this treatment method, nanocomposite membranes are used. The input of this device is wastewater that has a strong base, and when this wastewater enters the device, first the neutralization process is implemented and its pH reaches the pH of pollution-free water, and then the process of removing pollutants dissolved in the wastewater like TDS and COD starts.”




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