Iranian Startup Develops Smart System to Track Products from A to Z

Iranian Startup Develops Smart System to Track Products from A to Z

TEHRAN (ANA)- An Iranian startup has designed and developed an innovative management and intelligence system in the field of store, warehouse and production line by using the RFID technology which can track the product from the production line to the sales stage.
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“Accelerating the business process by increasing accuracy, improving security and increasing speed to the highest possible level are among the prominent features of this system. Also, it is possible to display the list of products simply and accurately through this system,” said Nouri, the managing director of the startup.

Noting that the startup has a team of experts in the field of software and hardware, who use RFID readers and identify goods with RFID tags, control and manage all business sectors, he added, “The startup also supports the hardware requirements of businesses very well, among which we can mention all kinds of RFID tags, long-range RFID readers, and handheld RFID readers.”

“Also, this management and smart system has two different panels of Production Line Foreman Panel and Business Owner Web Management Panel,” Nouri said.

According to him, in the foreman's panel, data and information are recorded, the products read in the production line are checked and the list of products is displayed.

“On the other hand, in the web management panel, real-time data analysis, access to different parts of the warehouse and production line, and data analysis and review are carried out. These facilities allow business managers to make better decisions and optimize their business processes by using up-to-date and accurate data,” Nouri said.

In a relevant development in December, the young specialists of a startup team in Iran had also succeeded in indigenizing a smart platform for the management of big construction projects.

“The idea of designing a smart system for managing construction projects was formed in 2017. This platform is the result of university projects that I decided to indigenize in the country,” Amin Borzouiyan, the head of the startup team, told ANA.

“Smart project management systems, which are called ‘BIM’ or (Building Information Modeling) in the world, did not exist in Iran in such a broad way. In fact, this system includes all stages of construction and control of a construction project (design, construction and operation). A construction engineer needs a supervisor to manage all the details from the beginning to the end. These details include supervision of workers, purchase of materials, drawings and a summary of step-by-step coordination with the client,” he added.

Noting that the platform has been designed for large construction projects with an area of 5,000 meters and it is not useful for general users and the product is mostly ‘B2B’ or (Business to Business), Borzouiyan said, “Our slogan for the platform is ‘Any device, Any Where’, and the user can use this system for his/her project without having any special device and only by connecting to the internet.”

“By using the platform, the user, who is actually the employer of the construction project, fully understands the progress of the work through the data that each person responsible for the project registers in the system. For instance, where did the materials come from and by whom? Or at what stage of work are other parts of the project,” he added.






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