Iranian Knowledge-Based Firm Develops Online Market for Smart Business
12:10 - January 26, 2023

Iranian Knowledge-Based Firm Develops Online Market for Smart Business

TEHRAN (ANA)- A knowledge-based company in Iran designed and developed a technological online market with a smart city infrastructure which helps the businesses’ easiest access to customers.
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‘Haminja’ software is a platform that has created a local online market for all Iranian cities so that people can operate in the market for service and store businesses.

“All service-providing and organizational businesses and stores in the Iranian cities can operate under this infrastructure, and the business managers can send and manage their goods, services and online advertisements on this platform, and the citizens of each city can easily visit the market of their city, search and shop online which will ultimately improve the economic situation of the city and its citizens,” Mohammad Akbarpour Sekkeh, a Ph.D. graduate in software engineering and the managing.director of the knowledge-based company, told ANA.

“Pioneer businesses of every city create free businesses for themselves through this platform,” he said, adding that at present, the markets of Shirvan, Bojnourd, Behshahr and the online market of Islamic Azad University have been established by using this infrastructure and the online markets of other Iranian cities will also be created soon.

Earlier, another technological company in Iran had developed a special search engine which was designed specially for the users of Persian language and its different dialects.

“The search engine implemented in our company can be a good supplement for foreign engines as it can be used both offline and online,” said Mehdi Amani, a member of the board of directors of the technological company.

Noting that the latest news are also provided to the user by the search engine, he said, “The search engine has been developed specially for the Persian language and its dialects; and therefore, the Kurdish and Lori dialects and other different dialects can be searched.”

“The most important advantage of this search engine is development of the Persian language, and if the search engines which have been developed by the knowledge-based companies and private sector are supported, it can be a step forward,” Amani said.




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