Iranian Specialists Produce Linings for Mining Industry Mills

Iranian Specialists Produce Linings for Mining Industry Mills

TEHRAN (ANA)- Engineers of an Iranian company, based in the incubator center of Vali-e Asr University in Rafsanjan, achieved the technical know-how of making linings for mining industry mills and increased their lifespan to one year.
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“The product of our company is the combined rubber-metal liners, and they have the properties of all-rubber liners and the properties of all-metal liners,” said Amirhossein Sarrafpour, one of the researchers of the research and development team of the company.

“These composite linings are similar to metal linings in terms of anti-wear properties and similar to rubber linings in terms of weight and ease of installation, but another aspect of this achievement is the design and optimization of the lining’s geometry design by the Iranian experts,” he added.

Noting that the combined liners are composed of two parts of anti-wear rubber and anti-wear steel, which are glued to metal using surface preparation method, Sarrafpour said, “The adhesion strength of these two layers is very high, and this guarantees that during the lifetime of the lining, the rubber is not removed from the metal.”

“These liners can protect the wall of mills against decay and abrasive agents,” he underlined.

In a relevant development in November, a knowledge-based company in Iran had succeeded in manufacturing a planetary ball mill that can pulverize particles to the range of microns and nanometers.

“In the planetary ball mill machine, as the name suggests, the grinding chambers have two positional movements (around themselves) and translational movement (around the center) like the planets of the solar system so that they do not stick to the walls and be continuously thrown in the direction of the diameter of the chamber circle,” said Maryam Qaraqani, the managing director of the knowledge-based Amin Asia Fanavar Pars company.

“This mill enjoys the ability to grind in the vacuum environment of argon shielding gas and other gases. The speed and rotation time of the device can be measured based on the type and size of the required grain,” she added.

Noting that the grinding chamber is made of different materials like stainless steel, hardened steel, agate, tungsten carbide, alumina and Teflon based on the type of powder, Qaraqani said, “This mill is used in various fields to pulverize particles in the range of microns and nanometers. Mechanical alloying of different particles and chemical reaction during grinding are other applications of these mills.”



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