Iranian Knowledge-Based Company Produces Jaw, Face Medical Products
8:05 - May 29, 2024

Iranian Knowledge-Based Company Produces Jaw, Face Medical Products

TEHRAN (ANA)- Experts at an Iranian knowledge-based company have managed to produce different products related to jaw and face as well as exercise instruments waiting to receive the necessary permits from the health ministry to offer them to the market.
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Mina Shafiei, the director of research and development department of a knowledge-based company in Fars province in the Southwestern part of Iran told reporters that her company operates in various areas of the jaw and face, making different kinds of implants in the body, and spinal and exercise products, etc.

“We now have 40 files to receive licenses on the website of the Director General of Medical Equipment, each of which includes different models,” Stating that any of the product produced in their company is not produced inside the country by any other companies, Shafiei said while poiniting out that the mentioned product has been produced for the first time in Iran.

She added that all their products have been imported into the country so far, costing the country millions of dollars, therefore, domestically producing those products in their company would prevent the exit of considerable amount of foreign exchange.


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