Iranian Knowledge-Based Firm Produces Electrocardiograph (ECG) for Home Use
10:00 - May 25, 2024

Iranian Knowledge-Based Firm Produces Electrocardiograph (ECG) for Home Use

TEHRAN (ANA)- A knowledge-based company has displayed its domestically-made electrocardiogram device for home use at the 2024 Iran Health exhibition.
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“The home edition electrocardiograph is one of the new products produced by our company. This device does not need any gel and only by placing a finger on the device, it receives and records the signals in the heart,” Pouria Javadi, the sales manager of the Iranian knowledge-based company said in an interview with local Iranian media on the sidelines of the Iran Health exhibition.

The 25th International Iran Health Expo was held from May 18th to 21th, 2024, at Tehran International Permanent Fairground.

Javadi pointed to portability and ease of application as one of the advantages of their ECG, and added, “The portability of this device allows a person to carry it with him so that he can use it when he suffers from heart problems or cardiac arrhythmias.”

The researcher further pointed out that the ECG monitors heart health, adding, “This device requires a smart mobile phone to monitor heart condition. A connection between the device and the mobile phone is established through Bluetooth. It not only records the electrical signals in the heart, it displays the heartbeat for the person on it screen.”

“After the electrical signals are recorded, the artificial intelligence inside the software analyzes the condition and if an arrhythmia is detected, it asks the person to see a specialist,” Javadi continued.


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