Iranian Company Equips Industrial Refrigerators with Home-Made Switching Power Supply
10:00 - February 25, 2024

Iranian Company Equips Industrial Refrigerators with Home-Made Switching Power Supply

TEHRAN (ANA)- A technological company in Iran managed to indigenize industrial refrigerators equipped with home-made switching power supply.
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“The company's products are in several fields, including refrigeration and thermal controllers, lighting, converters and medical equipment, some of which have been mass-produced and some new products will be unveiled soon,” Hossein Harasi, the managing director of Fanavar Sepid Solar Energy company stationed at the incubator center of Islamic Azad University’s Ardabil branch, told ANA.

Noting that a number of products made by the company, including industrial refrigerators, were previously imported, he said, “With studies and research, we produced switching power supply with a high voltage range, optimized it and used it in the refrigeration and thermal sectors.”

“Other products of our company are applicable in elevator industry, including converters used in factories, measuring medical products and hospital equipment,” Harasi said.

In a relevant development in Febrauary, the managing director of a knowledge-based company in Iran announced the launch of hermetic compressor production line, saying that it is predicted that 5.1 million hermetic compressors will be produced annually within two years.

“Compressor is considered as one of the most important parts of a refrigerator, freezer and water dispensers. The compressor somehow acts as the heart of a refrigerator which produces refrigeration in these machines by circulating the gas inside the engine,” Meisam Ahmadi Zia, the managing director of a knowledge-based company said at the opening ceremony of hermetic compressors production line in his company.

“Producing household refrigerator compressors which are known as hermetic compressors is considered a high-tech industry, and only few countries have achieved the know-how of producing this product.For that, refrigerator factories are in trouble,” he said.

“Since 1988, a domestic company under patent by a European company tried to produce the hermetic compressors inside the country, but it was not successful, and now, in cooperation with a Chinese company and through importing parts, it is assembling these compressors domestically,” he added.



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