Iranian Company Utilizes Nanocoating to Increase Industrial Parts' Durability by 300 Times
8:05 - November 28, 2023

Iranian Company Utilizes Nanocoating to Increase Industrial Parts' Durability by 300 Times

TEHRAN (ANA)- Researchers at a knowledge-based company in Iran have been able to improve the durability of compressors in oil and gas industry by up to 300 times using ultra-hard coating equipment.
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According to a report by the Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC), Hasan Jahdi, the managing director of the Iranian technological company said that producing ultra-hard coating equipment using the PVD method is the main field of activity of their company. He pointed to the importance of using coatings in the industry, saying, "In some parts of compressors, the use of coating can increase the durability of the parts significantly."

“Nanocoating technology has become really popular in industry that it is known as a mother industry. The reason for this is the role that coatings play in an industrial product. In various industries, we are faced with parts that have different mechanical properties, durablity, wear and corrosion resistance, and we can apply special properties to the surface through coatings to increase the lifespan of the parts,” Jahdi said.

“In the oil and gas industry, we use nano-coating to reduce corrosion and bring it under control,” adding, “Oil extraction and exploitation take place in special conditions. This industry has a very corrosive working condition. But if coating is used, it can help reduce rate of corrosion.”

“In gas turbocompressors, coating is applied to control the wear and corrosion. It is considered a high-tech technology in the world. Increasing the efficiency and lifespan of these compressor parts, which are usually very expensive and important parts, is one of the applications of coating,” the engineer explained more.

“These uncoated parts lack proper performance, but with the development of coatings and the entry of nanotechnology into the field of coatings, this role has become more important as time passes, so that many companies producing these parts focus a major part of their research and development program on the coating.”

“To increase durability of the parts, we are faced with a triangle; type of coating, the type of part and the working conditions make the three sides of this triangle. If we want to use these coatings for a specific part such as a compressor, it can increase its lifespan by 200 to 300 times,” Jahdi concluded.


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