New Iran-Made Nanomaterials Increase Life of Batteries 1.5 Times
8:05 - February 15, 2023

New Iran-Made Nanomaterials Increase Life of Batteries 1.5 Times

TEHRAN (ANA)- A technological company stationed at the incubator center of the Iranian Scientific and Industrial Research Organization boosted the life of batteries up to 1.5 times by using special nanomaterials.
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According to Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Center, researchers of the technological company active in the field of nanochemistry achieved the technical know-how of producing special nanomaterials known as battery expanders which can increase the number of charge and discharge cycles from 100 to 1,500, reduce the components required for making batteries and extend battery life up to 1.5 times.

The company's lead-acid battery expander contains nanoparticles which create a higher charge/discharge rate and a short path for fast charge transfer due to their large surface area and, as a result, the higher contact area of the electrode/electrolyte.

The company has already produced barium sulfate synthetically on a nano scale in a semi-industrial unit.

Iran has made nanotechnology a priority in recent years, achieving lots of success. In January 2022, the nanotechnology research website StatNano ranked Iran as fourth in the world in nanotechnology publications. 

“The number of scientific articles is deemed a significant parameter for measuring and comparing scientific development,” read the StatNao report. 

China was atop the rankings, followed by the United States, India and Iran. 

Some other entities have also recognized Iranian contributions to the field. In February 2022, the American Institute of Physics published a scholarly article on the use of nanomaterials for cancer treatment by Iranian scientists. 



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