Iran-Made AI-Based System Reduces Energy Consumption in Buildings
19:00 - September 25, 2023

Iran-Made AI-Based System Reduces Energy Consumption in Buildings

TEHRAN (ANA)- Researchers of a knowledge-based company in Iran stationed at the Science and Technology Park of the Incubator Center of Mazandaran province developed an AI-based system for monitoring and controlling electronic equipment in buildings which can reduce energy consumption.
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“BMS or Building Management System is one of our achievements which can be used to continuously monitor various parts of buildings by applying commands,” said Sadeq Ebrahimzadeh, the managing director of the knowledge-based company.

He stated that the system is different from traditional devices, adding, “Protection of users and equipment connected to the system and suitable user interface are among the features and advantages of this system and users can access the system remotely and connect and control their equipment through the Internet of Things (IoT).”

Emphasizing that the BMS system can cover all the electrical, mechanical and protection services of the building, Ebrahimzadeh said, “These services include heating, cooling, air conditioning, elevator, emergency power plant, escalator, lighting control, CCTV, announcement and fire extinguishing, traffic control, etc.”

He noted that normally these systems are used in most buildings to control heating and cooling facilities, lighting and traffic control, and stressed, “But these systems which are based on the standard protocols make it possible to link with all the systems listed above and form an integrated control model for all controllable components in the building.”

In a relevant development in September, engineers at an Iranian knowledge-based company had also developed a remote control for electrical devices based on the Internet of Things (IoT).

“Given the growing need for smart energy consumption control systems in offices, commercial and residential buildings, our engineers tried to meet the needs and managed to achieve the technology and producing smart remote control devices,” Mohammad Mehdi Rezapour, the managing director of the knowledge-based company said, according to a report by the Iranian Vice Presidency for Science and Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy.

“This device is an Internet-SMS control of electrical appliances (air conditioning, TV, heater, etc.) that provides the necessary services to users through IR (exactly like remote controls) without changing the wiring of electrical appliances,” the researchers further said.

“This device can store 6 IR remote controls regardless of the devices type and brand. It establishes communication with the device via the Internet and SMS system, and it makes it possible to send commands (for areas where there is no antenna coverage). It has internal temperature detection sensor and makes it possible to observe the temperature online. It also comes out with an Android-based application to comfortably connect to the device,” he explained more.




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