Iranian Experts Develop Recognition System for Micro Gas Turbines
22:00 - February 13, 2023

Iranian Experts Develop Recognition System for Micro Gas Turbines

TEHRAN (ANA)- Experts at Iran’s Amirkabir University of Technology developed a system for recognizing micro gas turbines.
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The system is used in construction and operation phases, said Saleh Talebi, the project manager.

Microturbines are tiny gas turbines that can generate both electricity and heat. They vary in electrical output from around 25 KW to 250 KW. Units between 250 KW and 500 KW are sometimes called mini-turbines.

The two types are designed to be used in large domestic or small commercial environments where they can provide both forms of energy. As such, they are usually designated as distributed generators since they supply their power at the distribution level of the grid.

The increasing trend of population and energy demand, the limited non-renewable resources, the rising fuel prices, the concerns about greenhouse gases, and increasing air pollution have led to the use of cleaner energy through more efficient and less polluting methods, Talebi explained.

The project aims to develop a troubleshooting system for micro gas turbines, able to evaluate the health status of engine components based on the online measurement and announce the necessary warnings.

He referred to the scattered production of electricity with a power of less than 1,000 KW instead of centralized production as a solution to increase the efficiency of electricity production and distribution.

In this line, microturbines are made as a relatively new technology with a capacity of about 2 to 500 kilowatts, he said, adding that recently they have been widely welcomed for distributed electricity generation.

Online monitoring and fault finding based on performance variables allows for early detection of defects in the microturbine, reducing the need for scheduled visits that require the engine to be shut down and removed from the circuit, he explained.

Accordingly, troubleshooting increases the accessibility and reliability of the microturbine and reduces its operating costs.

In addition, with the timely discovery of faults, the method increases microturbines' operational life.

In order to detect the fault, it is enough to measure the output power of the engine and the rotational speed.

The percentage of success in detecting the damage will be above 99 and the error percentage will be less than 0.5, he concluded.


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