Iranian Research Team Uses Plastination Method to Preserve Body Parts
9:20 - December 08, 2022

Iranian Research Team Uses Plastination Method to Preserve Body Parts

TEHRAN (ANA)- Iranian researchers succeeded in preventing all types of tissue corruption and decay by removing water and fat from the tissue and injecting plastic polymer into the cells by plastination method.
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“Plastination is a unique method to preserve the tissues, and the body parts which go through plastinzation method are dry, flexible and odorless. We see that they enjoy almost all specifications and features of live tissues by putting them under the microscope,” Payam Razeqi Tehrani, a faculty member of the Veterinary Medicine department of Islamic Azad University’s Shahr-e Kord branch and the head of ‘Anaplastinest’ technologist group stationed at the health incubator center of the university, told ANA.

He added that preserving the shape and volume of the tissue, lifelong durability and easy maintenance are the most important advantages of this technological method, noting that plastination is a method used in anatomy science to preserve different parts of the body.

“Today, plastination, as a very profitable technique, is able to prevent foreign currency exit from the country for purchasing foreign moulages and the Iran-made samples can be a good substitute for molages and samples preserved in formalin,” Razeqi Tehrani said, adding that an application of this method is carrying out taxidermy operations in animals and turn them into natural models for teaching veterinary.

Plastination is a process designed to preserve the body for educational and instructional purposes – in a more detailed way than ever before.

Plastinates are dry, odorless, durable and are particularly valuable educational tools not only for medical professionals but also for a broader public.





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