Iranian Technologists Develop New Method to Facilitate Treatment of Amblyopia

Iranian Technologists Develop New Method to Facilitate Treatment of Amblyopia

TEHRAN (ANA)- Iranian technologists have designed and built a new product based on virtual reality technology, artificial intelligence and using play therapist methods (based on games and animation) that makes the process of treating lazy eye (amblyopia) in children easy and attractive.
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Ariana Soltani, the business development manager of a startup located at the University of Tehran(UT) Science and Technology Park, said that amblyopia (lazy eye) is one of the diseases that has a difficult treatment process, adding, “But with this new product, in just one hour of daily use at home, the process of treating this eye condition in children becomes easier and more attractive.”

“In this start-up team, we provide the doctor and the family with the possibility of preparing a periodic report of the duration of the child's use and the progress in the treatment process. Moreover, this solution reduces the examination time and facilitates the patient's treatment process for the doctor,” she said. 

“Furthermore, by providing educational content and specialized advice to families, it helps them to increase the speed and ease of treating children by dealing with their children properly,” the researcher continued.

"After preparing the treatment package, families must install the Cyclops application on their smart phones and put the mobile phone inside the virtual reality glasses, place it on the child's face and start the treatment process,” Soltani said, adding, “This process proposed by Cyclops is attractive, easy and without any side effects."

She explained that based on research results, a product similar to Cyclops is available in the United States of America and some European countries, but it is used clinically and is not available to families.

“In addition to the much lower price, the Cyclops product has created many advantages in the domestic market,” she further said.

The business development manager of the UT-based start-up further said about the innovations used in the Iranian-made product, noting, " Cyclops offers game and animation together, while similar products only have games."

“Also, with artificial intelligence and data analysis, Cyclops has the capability to detect lazy eye and control the improvement process of lazy eye. In addition, Cyclops has educational content for families, and finally, Cyclops has become self-sufficient in the field of producing virtual reality glasses by designing and manufacturing them,” Soltani continued to explain.

She stated that the Cyclops device is supplied to parents after the examination of the patient and diagnosis by specialists and it is possible to use it at home, adding that “But patients can only get it through a specialist.”

She went on to note that the group age that the product suits is children aged between 4 and 15 years old, adding, “The use of the device at older ages is undergoing clinical phases.”

Soltani stated that people get often disappointed in the treatment of their disease due to the long and difficult treatment process and they give up the treatment process in the middle of process which causes them to face more difficulties in the future, especially in children.

She considered amblyopia as one of the diseases that has a difficult treatment process, adding, “Among these difficulties, one can mention that it is time-consuming, damaging the vision of the healthy eye, and closing the eye pads for 4-6 hours a day.”


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