Singapore's Waste Recycling Rate Drops in Previous Decade
15:00 - June 28, 2024

Singapore's Waste Recycling Rate Drops in Previous Decade

TEHRAN (ANA)- Singapore's overall waste recycling rate declined from 62 percent in 2013 to 52 percent in 2023 as people produced less waste, according to data released by the National Environment Agency (NEA).
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Singapore generated 6.86 million tons of solid waste last year, down from 7.85 million tons in 2013. The daily domestic waste generated per capita decreased from 1.08 kg to 0.88 kg over the last decade.

The daily non-domestic waste generated per dollar GDP (gross domestic product) declined from 40 tons in 2013 to 26 tons in 2023, the NEA added.

The NEA attributed the decreased waste recycling rate to structural factors such as rising freight costs and commodity prices.

Singapore will achieve a 70 percent overall recycling rate by 2030, according to its Zero Waste Masterplan unveiled in 2019.

The NEA called on the public to reduce waste and recycle the right to combat climate change and ensure the island state stays clean, green, and liveable.


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