Technology Company Improves Quality of Iran-Made Polyethylene Films
17:00 - June 26, 2024

Technology Company Improves Quality of Iran-Made Polyethylene Films

TEHRAN (ANA)- Experts at an Iranian technology company have produced high quality polyethylene (PE) films and lay the ground for improving the quality of products available in the country's market.
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A Polyethylene (PE) film is essentially a plastic film made from hydrocarbons, which is mainly obtained from natural gas or petroleum. Because of its wide use, polyethylene has many names in the market – 'plastic sheeting', 'polyethylene sheet', 'poly sheeting', or 'poly film'.

Young experts in a technology company in Iran have produced these PE films and also taken steps to improve the quality of the Iranian-made products, a report by the Iranian Vice Presidency for Science and Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy said.

Maryam Amiri, the director of research and development of the technology company pointed to the capability of the company in the production of polyethylene films, saying, “By taking advantage of the experience and expertise of domestic and foreign experts, the ability to produce three-layer nylons, the possibility of testing and measuring the quality of the products produced by this company and other companies in the country have been achieved.”

“Polyethylene films are among the most widely used types of plastics that are used in various fields such as agricultural, greenhouse, horticultural and packaging industries,” she added.

“With the capabilities of domestic experts and the potential to produce products made in Iran with high quality that can match with the products of other countries, we started designing and producing equipment for the production of polyethylene films and controlling and maintaining the quality features of the products. By relying on our knowledge and experience, our laboratory was able to improve the quality of domestically manufactured products that meet European standards,” Amiri said.

Amiri said that 90% of the jobs created by this company is specialized and done by experts while the rest 10% is non-experts.

“Tensile testing, impact testing, creep tests, light transmission and turbidity test, density measurement, melt flow index, and exposing nylon against laboratory light sources test, inter alia, the services of this technology group,” she went on to say. 


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