Iranian Knowledge-Based Firm Produces Shrimp Larvae Counting Machine
8:05 - June 21, 2024

Iranian Knowledge-Based Firm Produces Shrimp Larvae Counting Machine

TEHRAN (ANA)- Experts at a knowledge-based company based in the Science and Technology Park of Markazi Province in Iran have managed to design and produce a shrimp larva counting machine using locally developed know-how and technology.
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“Our product, the shrimp larva counting machine, is considered as one of the important needs of the fisheries industry. This product had been requested by the shrimp farmers to the fisheries organization for years,” said Farzin Nadi, the Managing Director of Pishtaz Pardezesh Saray Jonoub Rooz, knowledge-based company told ANA in an interview.

“Due to the challenges and complexities of this device as well as the high prices of its foreign-made counterparts, its domestic model was designed and produced by our company's experts,” he added.

He added that because in the fishery market, buying and selling shrimp larvae is done through counting the number of larvae, therefore counting the larvae is of great importance.

Nadi also said that knowing the number of available aquatics is one of the most important information that a shrimp and aquatic animals breeder should have access to, because it is based on that the amount of feeding, control of water parameters, payment of purchase and sale fees is determined.

He added that their locally-made machine is much more reasonably priced than the foreign-made imported counterparts.

“The product has a high accuracy of 95%, in terms of multiple compatibility, it has the capability to count and analyze multiple aquatic animals under 50 grams with one device,” the Pishtaz Pardezesh Saray Jonoub Rooz managing director said.

“The device is made of waterproof plexiglas material with an operating system compatible with Android, Linux, Windows and other operating systems with a weight of 1 kg,” Nadi added.

“This device has a drawer for counting larvae,” he said, adding that its light source is at the bottom of it, which shines a uniform level of light inside the container to make processing easier, while in the foreign model, the light comes from the top of the device, which could creates shadow.

“All kinds of cameras can be installed on the manufactured device, even a cellphone camera,” he continued.

Nadi went on to say that the machine counts shrimp larvae with special spoons (cups), adding that their knowledge-based machine has the ability to count 1,000 to 7,000 larvae, while the maximum consumption of shrimp breeding farms is between 3,000 to 4,000 larvae.

Pointing out that there are as many as 900 shrimp breeding centers operating across Iran, he said, “Until when this machine was produced, the counting of shrimp larvae was done traditionally by hand. Nevertheless, the technology used in this machine is image processing, and in its mechanism, measuring cups are used.”


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