Official: More Iranian Knowledge-Based Companies Producing Burn Dressings

Official: More Iranian Knowledge-Based Companies Producing Burn Dressings

TEHRAN (ANA)- The head of the department of Production and Registration of Specialized Medical Supplies of the Iran Food and Drug Administration announced that the number of Iranian knowledge-based companies which produce burn dressings has increased.
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“Based on the information of the Health Ministry systems, the amount of production and labeling by the manufacturing companies is about 550,000 burn bandages, 888 sterile burn bandages, over 21,000 burn dressings, and more than 685,000 sterile burn vaseline gauze,” said Abolfazl Allah Bakhshi.

“Medical dressings can be registered, approved and used for burn patients due to the variety and different applications of the products; for instance, antibacterial or nano silver dressings, etc., can also be used in burns, and the type of dressing is determined and prescribed based on the doctor's experience,” he added.

“Due to the establishment and activity of many knowledge-based companies in recent years, dependence on imports of such dressing is decreased and the amount of production can increase,” Allah Bakhshi said.

In a relevant development in January 2023, several Iranian companies presented their nanotechnology-based products to the market to treat chronic burns, acute diabetic ulcers, acute bedsores and chronic wounds.

One of the nano-based products of these companies is antibacterial dressing bandage which was mass-produced in 2001 and it contains silver nanoparticles with antibacterial properties.

Due to the strong antibacterial properties of silver nanoparticles, this bandage is used to control infection in burns and wounds as it leaves its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects with the slow release of silver ions.

The antibacterial bandage is used in the treatment of acute burns, diabetic wounds, bedsores and chronic wounds.

Another nano-based product of the Iranian companies is blood and water absorbent pad which contains nano dendrimers.

The pad was produced in 2001 to accelerate wound healing, prevent infection and bleeding, maintain wound moisture, and protect the affected area from mechanical damages, including shock or scratch.

The pad is used along with washing liquids, disinfectants, bandages, cotton and sterile gauze.

Another product produced by the Iranian researchers at a technological company is a dressing capable of preventing bleeding in bone, jaw and face surgery within 30 seconds.

“The dressing we have produced can reduce bleeding in bone surgery by 90% in nearly 20 to 30 seconds,” said Keyhan Mehdizadeh, one of the researchers of the project.


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